David Nirenberg

Dr. David Nirenberg

Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Distinguished Service Professor of Social Thought, Medieval History, Fundamentals, Middle East Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago.

Dean, Divinity School, University of Chicago. 

e-mail: nirenberg@uchicago.edu

Some recent publications

Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages. Princeton University Press.

Aesthetic Theology and Its Enemies: Judaism in Christian Painting, Poetry, and Politics. University Press of New England.

Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Middle Ages and Today. University of Chicago.

Texts to download

“Which Past for which Present? A Reply to Carlo Ginzburg’s ‘Postface’ on Anti-Judaism”, in J. Adams & C. Heß, eds. The Medieval Roots of Antisemitism: Continuities and Discontinuities from the Middle Ages to the Present Day. Routledge, pp. 438-55.

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