Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Dr. Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin.

e-mail: canizares-esguerra@mail.utexas.ed

Some recent publications

The Black Urban Atlantic in the Age of the Slave Trade. University of Pennsylvania Press.

Nature, Empire, and Nation. Explorations of the History of Science in the Iberian World. Stanford University Press.

How to Write the History of the New World. Histories, Epistemologies, and Identities in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World. Stanford University Press.

Texts to download

“Mapping Ethnogenesis in the Early Modern Atlantic”William and Mary Quaterly, 3d ser., 68, no. 2, pp. 181-208.

“On The Genesis of Destruction, and Other Missing Subjects”William and Mary Quaterly, 3d ser., 68, no. 2, pp. 240-246.

“Entangled Histories: Borderland Historiographies in New Clothes”American Historical Review, no. 112, pp. 187-99.

“The Cores and Peripheries of Our National Narratives: A Response From IH-35”American Historical Review, no. 112, pp. 1423-31.