Peter Seixas

Dr. Peter Seixas

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Education, Department of Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia.

Director of the Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness (CSHC).


Some recent publications

The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts. Cengange Learning.

“Who Needs a canon?”. In Maria Grever & Siep Stuurman, eds. Beyond the Canon: History for the 21st Century. Palgrave-Macmillan.

Theorizing Historical Consciousness. University of Toronto Press.

Texts to download

“Murals as Monuments: Students’ Ideas about the Origins of Civilization in British Columbia”, in American Journal of Education, 110 (2/2004), Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 146-171.

“Teaching Historical Thinking”, in A. Sears & I. Wright eds., Challenges and Prospects for Canadian Social Studies. Vancouver: Pacific Educational Press, pp. 109-117.

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“Conceptualizing growth in historical understanding”, in David Olson & Nancy Torrance eds. Education and Human Development. London: Blackwell.