Dr. Peter Aronsson

Vicerrector, Decano y Profesor de Historia, Linnaeus University.


Some recent publications

  • Aronsson, P. y L. Gradén, eds. (2012).

Performing Nordic Heritage. Everuday Practices and Institutional Culture. Ashgate.

  • Aronsson, P.; Knell, S. y A. Amundsen, eds. (2010).

National Museums. Studies from around the World. Routledge.

  • Aronsson, P. y A. Nyblom, eds. (2008).

Comparing: National Museums, Territories, Nation-Building and Change. Linköping University Electronic Press.

Texts to download

  • Aronsson, P. (2012).

“Writing the Museum”, en Hegardt, J., ed. The Museum Beyond the Nationo. National Historical Museum, pp. 17-39.

  • Aronsson, P. y G. Elgenius eds. (2011).

Building National Museums in Europe (1750-2010). Conference proceedings from EuNaMus, European National Museums: Identity Politics, the Uses of the Past and the European Citizeno. Bologna, 28-30 April 2011. Linköping University Electronic Press.

  • Aronsson, P. (2011).

“The Productive Dilemmas of History”, en Ruin, H. y A. Ers, eds. Rethinking Time essays on historical consciousness, memory, and representationo. Södertörn Philosophical Studies, pp. 29-38.