Dr. Geoff Eley

Catedrático de Historica Contemporánea, University of Michigan.

e-mail: ghe@umich.edu

Algunas publicaciones recientes

  • Eley, G. (2013).

Nazism as Fascism: Violence, Ideology, and the Ground of Consent in Germany, 1930-1945. Routledge.

  • Eley, G. (2007).

A Crooked Line: From Cultural History to the History of Society. University of Michigan Press.

  • Eley, G. & Nield, K. (2007).

The Future of Class in History: What’s Left of the Social? University of Michigan Press.

Textos para descargar

  • Eley, G. (2013).

“Memory and the Historians: Ordinary Life, Eventfulness and the Instinctual Past”, en Noakes, J. & Pattinson, J., eds. British Cultural Memory and the Second World War. Londres…: Bloomsbury, pp. xi-xxi.

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“The Past Under Erasure? History, Memory, and the Contemporary”Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 46, no. 3, pp. 555-573.

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