Dr. Sanjay Seth

Profesor de Ciencias Políticas, Goldsmiths, University of London.


Algunas publicaciones recientes

  • Seth, S., ed. (2012).

Postcolonial Theory and International Relations: A Critical Introduction. Routledge.

  • Seth, S. (2007).

Subject Lessons: The Western Education of Colonial India. Duke University Press and Oxford University Press.

  • Seth, S. (2007).

«Changing the Subject: Western Knowledge and the Question of Difference». Comparative Studies in Society and History, 49:2, pp. 666-668.

Textos para descargar

  • Seth, S. (2008).

«Which Past? Whose Transcendental Presupposition?»Postcolonial Studies, 11:2, pp. 215-226.